Dokumentarfilm | 2008


RegieKim Soma
ProduktionBlendwerk TV


    Through the special events of composer Daniel Matz (RockPaperScissor - was able to create special interviews with electronic frontiers, avantgarde and stars of a music scene, that has become classic in itself through the last 88 years, when you consider its start in the late 20ies. The artists in "Displayed" talk about their starts in the 90ies, some of them just a few years ago. Their days and nights, jobs, lifes and thoughts. Its not about the plane borders of global dancefloor "culture". These guys are talking about a selffullfilling progression (not only) in Electronic Art, this is what D I S P L A Y E D is about.

    Featuring: Plaid, Mouse on Mars, Capitol K., Solar X, Klaus Beyer, Jega, Freeform, Jimmy Edgar, Lazra Pink,Schlammpeitziger with live footage and atmospheres of Plaid, Tex`n Terok, Phlex, Bitslave, Lazra Pink, Mouse on Mars, Schlammpeitziger, Klaus Beyer. (more than 100 minutes on HD PAL DVD )


    Blendwerk TV