Die Augenfalle

  • The Eye-Trap (Internationaler Englischer Titel)
Kurzspielfilm | 2000 | Deutschland


    Vergleichstest 35 mm Film und HD 24p
    Paul is small and fragile and lives in a world of pictures. They jump at him and he captures them with a blink of his eyes. He writes every picture down in a book. One day, he sees the most beautiful picture of all, a girl with a red silk scarf in her hair, but forgets to capture the picture with his eye. He tries to evocate the image of the girl by writing about her. He decides to write a novel, in which he will finally be a hero. But in the end, he tears the manuscript to pieces. Eventually, he steps into action: he wants a picture of that girl, a real picture, made with a real camera. But in all the excitement, he ends up taking the picture like he always did: with his eye-trap.