Dicked | ©  Blindfold Productions
© Blindfold Productions
Kurzspielfilm | 2016-2017 | Comedy | Deutschland




Lauflänge9 Min.


“I was falling asleep on the train, and in the corner of my eye I saw this blur. And I was like, ‘Is that a dick? No, I must be dreaming!’ Then I felt this gentle stroking…”
It’s bad enough being violated by a stranger. But what’s a woman to do when she can’t even mention it to a man without him trivializing it? In this feminist dark comedy, a single woman uses her story of subway harassment as a litmus test for potential suitors. On date after date, she receives the message that she’s supposed to just shrug it off. But is that what people actually want? What would it look like if women were so blasé?
Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*inSynchron
Dora GroveCecily [HR]
Onur Akkilic
Jaggi [NR]
Mark WindsorDicker [NR]
2018KanadaFemme Wave