Das tödliche Wespennest

  • The Nest (Internationaler Englischer Titel)
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Kinospielfilm | 2001-2002 | Action, Crime, Thriller | Frankreich


Laborie, about thirty, is a cop. She's been given the assignment of transferring Abedin Nexhep, an Albanian mafia big shot, to court for trial. He is accused of being the head of a major European prostitution network.
But Laborie is unaware that this criminal organization will stop at nothing to save its leader. During the transfer, Nexhep's henchmen launch an attack upon Laborie and her special service guys. At the end of a wild chase, the Albanian gunmen corner the cops in a warehouse somewhere in the middle of an industrial wasteland.
Here they stumble across another gang right in the middle of robbing the place...
Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*inSynchron
Samy NaceriNasser [HR]
Benoît MagimelSantino [HR]
Nadia FarèsHélène Laborie [HR]
Pascal GreggoryLouis [HR]
Sami BouajilaSelim [HR]
Anisia UzeymanNadia [NR]
Richard SammelWinfried [NR]
Valerio MastandreaGiovanni [NR]
Martial OdoneMartial [NR]
Martin AmicSpitz [NR]
Angelo InfantiAbedin Nexhep [NR]
Bibi NaceriEmployé Ponts et Chaussées [NR]
KinostartFrankreichMittwoch, 06.03.2002