Kinospielfilm | 2004


RegieAndrew Goth
DrehbuchJoanne Reay
ProduktionCold Films


Detective Sergeant JOHN DARK is a good copper, working the tough beat of Vice in London's East End. His long-time mentor is the charismatic Detective Chief Inspector MORTIMER SHADE (MORT). He has taught DARK every trick in the book. Sometimes the fight is against the Bad Guys; sometimes it is against their own, when police bureaucracy gets in the way of good coppers bending the rules.
When MORT is killed by an unknown assailant, DARK is devastated. He tries to run the killer down, but fails. When he returns to his boss' corpse, he is astonished to find MORT alive and seemingly well.

The following weeks see a series of bizarre underworld killings where MORT and DARK'S adversaries are taken out by a sequence of mysterious bestial attacks. Each one of the gangsters that police protocol prevented MORT and DARK from touching, are suddenly prey to a savage brand of justice beyond official control.

DARK discovers that MORT is the cause...
Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*in
Luke GossJohn Dark [HR]
 Dan van HusenSolly Tunkel [NR]
David BakerRed [NR]


Cold Films