Stereoscopic Technologies GmbH supported a multi million US$ project for EXPO 2010 in Shanghai. The movie was a 3D-film for one of the largest Oil companies worldwide (China Oil). Shots were done in the desert of China during a sandstorm, in the freezing cold at -20° in north of China, in the Jungle in the south-west, on oil platforms in the yellow see and a lot of live-action sequences around Beijing and green screen shots in the largest Studios of China, the studios of China Film Group… The movie explains the history of oil and how the first explorers searched for oil; it shows how the oil is gained and scenes about the future and what would be, if the oil would run out
    Kameramann/DoPKi Suk Hwang
    Stereographer Florian MaierLead Stereographer
    ProduzentElliot Tong
    RegisseurFrankie Chung


    Kameras und Zubehör Stereotec