Bail | © Langsommer Filmproduktion
© Langsommer Filmproduktion
Kurzspielfilm | 2020 | Drama, Thriller | Deutschland


DrehregionenDeutschland - Bayern


Lauflänge20 min
SeitenverhältnisCinemascope (1 : 2,39)


Inspired by Friedrich Schiller's ballad "Die Bürgschaft", BAIL follows Damon, a troubled young man who, incited by anonymous messages, attempts to take vengeance on Dennis, his best friend's racist murderer. His nightly retaliation, however, fails, and now he himself is to be executed. Being more sadistic than generous, Dennis grants Damon a dying wish - one more day to live to attend his sister's wedding -, but only after he offered up his girlfriend, Naomi, as a pledge. If Damon does not surrender to his execution on the next day, she will get shot instead of him. As Damon - finally realizing what he got himself into - has a breakdown after the wedding, a mysterious woman appears. She not only turns out to be the person who anonymously incited Damon to the assassination, but she also claims to know Dennis's weak spot. Not revealing her motives, she assures Damon help in saving his, as well as his girlfriend's life, but he will have to fully surrender himself to her and tread a treacherous path that comes with grave consequences.
Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*inSynchron
Stephanie Marin
Melissa [HR]
Alexander Prince OseiDamon [HR]
Philippe ReinhardtDennis [HR]
Salber Lee WilliamsNaomi [HR]
Paul BocheTom [NR]
Nathalie Griffin
Standesbeamtin [NR]


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