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A Área - Das Gebiet

  • A Área - The Area (Internationaler Englischer Titel)
Dokumentarfilm | 2003


DrehorteSalvador da Bahia


Budget20.000 DM
Seitenverhältnis4:3 (1 : 1,33)


Salvador da Bahia - Brazil. The small community of Vila Brandao on the Bay of All Saints is fighting its neighbour, the famous Bahia Yacht Club, to get possession of "A ÁREA - THE AREA". Some inhabitants of Vila Brandao have set up their shacks right on the boundry between the two opposing parties, a steep slope leading straight down to the beach, because space in this small community with its many children is getting scarce and a lot of people are unable to afford even the modest rents. However, the Bahia Yacht Club claims "THE AREA" for its own purposes and is pursuing them in an unscrupulous manner: It has the plot forcibility cleared. But nevertheless the inhabitants of Vila Brandao, especially the woman - supported by a group of artists and a young lawyer -, are defending themselves in this escalating struggle for a small plot of land with a deal of courage and imagination. And right in the midst of all these troubles: the children of the Vila, playing, dancing and telling stories
Cristiano Civitillo2004Babelsberger Medienpreis
Cristiano Civitillo2004Sehsüchte - Int. Studentenfilmfestival
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Mark Wittek2004Babelsberger Medienpreis
Mark Wittek2004Sehsüchte - Int. Studentenfilmfestival Potsdam
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